Biden Sets September 11th Withdrawal Date From Afghanistan, Drawing Bipartisan Criticism

Do you support or oppose Biden’s unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11th?

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    First let me say, please STOP BASHING the commentors! We are not the enemy. Plus it is very unbecoming and shows the hatred the Left has had for a long time. We are all Americans and I don’t see how you can continue to ignore the state of the union in our country. It’s sad! I will say I don’t support, nor do I trust, anything this administration has to say! I don’t believe a word that comes out of their evil mouths. BIDEN-HARRIS DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! The Republican agree we need to get out of Afghanistan. You all are missing the point. We have thousands of Americans and lives at stake because Biden-Harris chose to withdraw our troops and let them behind, not to mention our military equipment. The Taliban has indicated they will not allow an extension. They already have shown their hatred for the Americans and the Afghanis who have helped us through the years by beating them, ripping up their passports, and God know what else. It is not beyond them to de-head people either without a flinch. Biden-Harris has ARMED AND SUPPLIED the Taliban with US military equipment to ensure more blood shed! What this administration has shown is that they DO NOT CARE ABOUT US over and over again. From the open southern border, to the collapse of the economy, to shutting down the pipeline, to the eviction moratorium where many landlords are at risk of losing their properties, and now the haphazard direction to pull our troops from Afghanistan before we exited our Citizens and military equipment! IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS AND PELOSI NOW! Call or write your elected officials now!

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    To hell with Afghanistan and on September 11th of all days when they supposedly bombed us? What the hell? We don't need to support a terrorist nation...

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    Build the wall! ( Around the Middle East. )

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    Pick a different date.

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    Withdraw the troops from Afghanistan by May 1 as originally planned by President Donald Trump.

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    Joe Biden is a political hack I oppose

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    If in know the rest...Let them ‘live’ in their own ...mess. Maybe, years following of other democratic nations sharing/exposing Taliban to 21st Century life even with ERA introduced eventually, they will join the World in fighting something else.

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    We went into Afghanistan, did what we wanted, now we need to get out. We need to bring our troops back home ASAP and start spending our tax dollars on infrastructure, not more wars.

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    This is probably the only thing I will support that the illegitimate president does because we're only in the Middle East to defeat israHELL's enemies. Let israel fight it's own enemies, it's none of our business.

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    We've been there over 20 long years, propping one corrupt government after another. We spend billions of dollars on these corrupt Afghani politicians who pocket most of the billions. Little of that money has been going towards building hospitals, schools or homes. The Taliban control most of Afghanistan as it is! Yes, things will be tough for innocent Afghanis once US troops leave, but, they're terrible now! We're wasting money and lives in Afghanistan the same way we wasted money and lives in the Vietnam war! I'm for helping those who want to escape to a safer neighboring country because our troops have left.

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    The way is over and has been for over a decade. US military forces haven't liberated anything in Afghanistan, and I doubt that was ever really the plan. It's better we leave and get our empire building hands off of that region.

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    The difference between the trump exit of Afghanistan and Biden’s exit is that Biden’s exit has an actual plan and gives enough notice to all parties to prepare and make adjustments to the new reality of reduced on-the-ground American support. This gives the Afghan government an opportunity to prepare and NATO allied forces an opportunity to exit in an orderly fashion. The trump made decisions on the fly as a reaction to the moment instead of strategically planning ahead and having any definable rationale for what he would do beyond winning the moment. The September 11th date is the latest date by which our troops would withdraw and not THE date when the troops will withdraw. The US Embassy in Afghanistan is more of a large fort than the typical embassy building complex and can certainly house various counter terrorism advisors and military advisors for a higher level consultation with the Afghan government than that of assuming direct training of Afghan military. The difference with Biden’s plan is that it has a rationale and a strategy for minimizing adverse affects on people’s lives and is not a transactional knee jerk reaction for an immediate ‘marketing’ stunt.

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    Other countries have soccer and cricket.... we have war and conflicts. now is not the time to be getting soft and losing our military standards and integrity. china and russia arent far behind and europe is too busy falling apart. don't allow the military to become a dud

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    I understand that it does seem odd to pull out all the troops by September 11, but I'm not sure why so many are offended by it. 1. The terrorists were mostly Saudi, not Afghans. 2. Osama bin Laden was found in Pakistan, not Afghanistan. 3. The Afghan government at the time seemingly had little to do with Sept. 11. Are you sure the outrage over the date isn't misplaced anti-Muslim bias?

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    Keeping troops in endless wars is ridiculous.

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    The objective was met decades ago, We must stop funding the war machine.

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    Ephraim Daniel

    So he surrenders in Afghanistan, then picks a fight with Russia? And he’s dragging you turkeys after him!

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    Withdrawal now or later will still result in a bloodbath! Purpose was OBL ... now get out and stay out. If we want to do nation building start at home ... get rid of gop extremists, white supremacists and fix scotus!

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    Get our people out of there. There ought to be a travel restriction in place to make those terrorists stay in their own neighborhood.

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    We should not even be there anymore. Our military should stay in our country. The fact that it hasn’t been done any sooner is because too many politicians are making money off of this. As Eisenhower said, “beware the military industrial complex.” We have been at conflict (not war because that would require an official declaration by congress) for 20 years there. BRING OUR TROOPS HOME!