New York House Democrats Demand Repeal of Cap on State & Local Tax Deduction in Upcoming Tax & Spending Package

Do you support or oppose repealing the cap on the state & local tax deduction?

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    I support repealing the SALT tax. Because so many people can no longer file for deductions, this no longer is a benefit for the mid/lower classes. This is no longer a benefit to many, many people.

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    The more you make, they more you should pay. Percentage should not be lowered for the wealthiest. Lower the percentage for the lowest income. There should be NO cap on the wealthiest.

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    @freethinker See this is what not understanding how inequality works gets you. The archaic and ridiculous idea that working hard gets you places is called the American dream and it’s a myth. Trillions in wealth transferred from the middle class to the rich since the 1970s, real wages lower than in the 1970s, inequality at its worst ever in American history and your solution is just to work harder? Your hard work would have the minimum wage at $22 an hour why do you not support that? The $22 is tied to your productivity but you think it’s some socialist plot? No it’s facts if you were to research it. Progressive policies work, just look at any other country that has these policies implemented, including Sweden’s “middle way” approach. A robust safety net with socialist programs (not socializing everything no one wants that and no one wants to abolish the police stop watching propaganda networks like fox) is the best way to increase worker power, transfer wealth to the middle class (2/3rds of the wealth are owned by the top 10%). Youre childish fear of socialism (obviously you don’t understand it at all) is a reason why I suspect you vote Republican, but if you would just research you would find that social democracy is THE path forward for the middle class. Research Sweden’s “middle way” policies and that basically sums it up: more power to workers, more robust safety net, and higher taxes on the wealthy! These are ways to better the lives of the middle class these policies do NOT hurt the middle class, one of the biggest, more pernicious lies ever conceived by the media, and people like you do easily fall for it

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    I am not sure exactly what the SALT tax is, but if it is a tax on rich people I am all for repealing it!!! BTW Amazon paid ZERO in taxes. That's right, nada, nothing, zero.. I also support the tax on businesses going back up to the 35% and getting rid o ALL the loopholes!!

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    I have no complaint about paying my fair share of taxes to the Federal, State, and Local Governments. I love this Country, my State, and my County, and I believe paying taxes is absolutely necessary as a civil responsibility, in order to have the many benefits, we as Americans, enjoy. I believe in the embedded American concept of funding, ‘the common good’. However, this cap, implemented as part of a huge tax bill, supposedly a ‘tax cut’ bill, is totally UNFAIR! The cap is hitting millions of middle income taxpayers, including my husband and I, very hard! The cap causes us to pay so much more in Federal taxes! We are paying taxes to the Feds, on money that we have NO discretionary use of! The only discretion we have, in order to stop this tax from hitting us in such a hard way, would be to move out of MD to a State with lower taxes, and/or to sell our middle class colonial home, and downsize. Terrible and unfair choices! My husband and I have always had extra tax money taken out of our paychecks each pay, and claimed 0 dependents, even though some years we had a total of 6 dependents we could have been claiming. This allowed us to always pay our fair share of taxes, and warrant a refund that funded our modest summer vacations. Prior to this cap being implemented, we always received a refund from State and Federal taxes due to the planned overpayments we paid. Since the year the cap was instituted, even though we pay extra, and deduct 0 exemptions, we have owed additional Federal Tax! END THIS UNFAIR TAX CAP NOW!

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    Keep the SALT caps in place.

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    America has a $28,000,000,000,000 national debt. The federal government is going to run another deficit in FY2021. I wholeheartedly love tax cuts and deductions and am a strong supporter of supply side economics. However, the country cannot afford a loss in revenue. We need to keep this cap to help revenues and cut public spending to reduce the deficit. Obviously this cap is not the only measure of taxation that needs to be engaged but it surely does not need to repealed at this uncertain economic time.

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    @NoHedges wrote; "Repealing the SALT tax would simply be another gift to the wealthy elites who take so much while doing such harm." I respectfully ask that you research further. See just what brackets are impacted. I assure you, Trump's SALT taxes are aimed at the middle class, professional people and not the wealthy and certainly not the rich. This tax hike on professionals living in the Blue States with high taxes has been the subject of discussion from the getgo. Signed, I may be a Progressive but an Elite? Not so much!

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    Repealing the SALT tax would simply be another gift to the wealthy elites who take so much while doing such harm.

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    We are taxed to death already.

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    Why should a taxpayer from a well-run state pay for the states that are going bankrupt due to mismanagement?

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    Should never been passed. Repeal the tax break all the wealthy received under trump!

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    Democrats pitch for election was largley about taxing the wealthy now they want to support tax breaks for the wealthy as long as they are in blue states. The federal gov't should not incentivize excess taxes in states.

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    This is a sensible *part* of tax reform. Emphasis on part. It's true that the benefits of this change would largely benefit higher earners in only certain parts of the country based on state and local tax policy. But that should be factored into overall taxation and spending. If, say, the Bay Area taxes heavily to support itself, then it should receive less federal funding, and its residents shouldn't be on the hook to pay into the coffers twice over. This is how the system is supposed to work - state and local government (theoretically, ahem) know best what's needed (or, gasp, wanted) by residents, and should tax and spend accordingly. As far as making up the shortfall this would create in federal taxes, let's also roll back the tax breaks for the hyper-wealthy who don't need them, and get the corporations to pay their share.

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    Not the place to raise money

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    I don't live in New York, but the people there are hurting enough!

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    The Congressional Research Service (CRS) used data from the Census Bureau and Internal Revenue Service to analyze which congressional districts had the highest effective SALT rates and the income levels of residents in those districts. CRS found 19 out of the 20 districts with the highest effective SALT rates had an average adjusted gross income (AGI) over $100,000 and four of the top five had an average AGI over $200,000. Congressional districts with the highest average SALT deduction were in New York, California, Connecticut, and New Jersey ― particularly districts in or near the New York City metropolitan area across NY, NJ, and CT; Southern California; and the San Francisco Bay Area. I live in New Jersey and this is totally unfair. Perhaps we in New Jersey should get extra Senators for our contributions.

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    The cap on SALT was an attack on residents of states with higher state and local taxes--in other words, blue states that offer more services. It's time to reverse the cap.

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    The SALT Cap treats all residents in all States with a one size fits all solution. State’s use a variety of means to collect tax revenues, some direct and some indirect. The indirect taxes are hidden in what are essentially value added taxes that are part of the cost of things that they purchase. Some of the taxing strategies may shift the tax burden to higher or lower income brackets, or disproportionately tax property owners in lieu of the general public irrespective of income level or use disproportionately higher general sales taxes that would be paid by all of the State’s consumers and augmented by people visiting or passing through the State. Further, the local cost of living raises the mean level of income for people that can live there, their taxable income and property valuations as well. The one-size-fits-all SALT Cap cannot possibly be fair because it unduly punishes taxpayers for their local cost-of-living and the way that their State has evolved it’s particular taxing authority to generate State revenues, many of which heavily tax property value or consumption irrespective of income levels. Either, raise the SALT Cap to a level that can only apply to very wealthy or eliminate it altogether and find a more equitable way to gain added tax revenues.