March 2021 Saw Historic Levels of Illegal Border Crossings - Are You Concerned?

Are you concerned about the rise in apprehensions at the southern border?

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    Yes but only for humanitarian reasons and I hope that the president will get the resources for the asylum seekers and refugees

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    Welcoming foreigners is a good way to counter the problem of our aging population. We should welcome enterprising braveAdditions to our workforce

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    Raise the number of immigrants who can come in. There is crisis in their own country. Who would leave their homes and relatives to travel thousands of miles to go to another country. We need the labor of these people to build our future. And welcome them with open arms

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    The wall was almost completed! What the current administration is doing is a slap in the face to legal immigrants who spend time and money to legally immigrate to the US.

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    The reason we are seeing an increase in all migration from our southern border is because of the extreme and unnecessary immigration policy of the Trump era. It was done to intentionally scare people once the laws started to be relaxed and Republicans could play off of racial agitation propaganda to try and win future elections. We still need to further relax immigration laws and start following in accordance with UN refugee policy. Then finally we need to stop interfering and destabilizing Central and South American countries.

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    We need to address climate change, violence causing people to leave.

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    Here are the COVID-19 figures from January 20th at noontime to present April 15th. Cases 6,962,238 new cases 71,643. Deaths 295,770 new deaths 975. As Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden alway reminded us there are 295,770 families sitting at the dining room table looking at that empty chair. All the above figures is in just 85 days in office.

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    We need to control our borders. We also need to insure that everyone is treated humanely. That is my concern not the actual number of people being stopped.

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    we need a compromise. i think we can be a safe place for refugees but only to an extent and thats just realistic. we cannot keep ppl in ice containment centers. we dont have the capacity or money or food or volunteers to help. so we cant just let every one in it causes all kinds of problems as we are seeing now. instead of having troops in afgahnistan fighting over oil maybe we should go to mexico to abolish the gang violence and keep civilians safe? just a contoversial thought..

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    Here are the latest COVID-19 figures since January 20th at noontime to present. Cases 6,890,595 new cases 69,892. Deaths 294,795 new deaths yesterday 770. As Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden always said there are 294,795 families sitting at the dining room table looking at that empty chair. He continues to let thousands of illegal aliens cross the border without testing or quarantine waving them through. The person he put in charge of this was Comrade Kamala and yesterday when ask she said she is not responsible for the border but only responsible to talk with the triangle countries and Mexico and not to go to the border. So now we have no one in charge of the mess at the border. IMPEACH FORTY SIX

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    The people coming to America trying to make a better life for themselves should be helped not dismissed as trouble for us. Our immigration system is insufficient and should be bolstered to handle the influx of desperate people fleeing hardships in their own country. We also must do what we can to alleviate problems within countries that cause mass exodus.

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    We Don't know who is Crossing the Border, What their Intentions are or why, (In some Cases) they are Coming. In those Cases where Migrants are after a Better Life, it is the American Worker, (Taxpayer) who is Footing the Bill, and without their Consent? When our Laws are Ignored, and our Pocket Books are Lightened for the Lefts Political Chaos... How is this Right? While, (As a Christian) I Feel Empathy, and Even a willingness to Help the Poor... Open Borders and Violation of our Laws is... Well UNLAWFUL!

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    I am concerned and not concerned. There is a flood of immigrants that border walls and apprehensions cannot stop. We need to treat these immigrants as the Dutch treat water. Also we need to understand the source of the problem and work at fixing the problem at it’s source.

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    We are the most powerful nation in the world and with about 340 million people, I am not concerned about several thousand people at our border. This is republicans trying to creat a crises and change the administration’s and the country’s focus from higher priorities.

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    Here are today’s coronavirus figures since January 20th at noontime to present. Cases 6,820,703 new cases yesterday 95,907. Deaths 294,025 new deaths yesterday 892. As Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden used to say there is 294,025 families sitting at the dining room table looking at that empty chair. IMPEACH FORTY SIX

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    I am also concerned about those not stopped but have made it into the US to commit other crimes.

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    We are under invasion from a foreign power, the invasion is being aided by actual traitors within our government and society.

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    Nancy Pelosi lies

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    I am only concerned about how to lesson the burden of this issue in the short term. The large influx of Southern border immigrants is the natural consequence of the trump’s asinine decision to pull aid from the northern triangle South American countries just as they were suffering from the early impacts of the evolving climate crisis- which devastated normal locality based food chains, disrupted normal governance and fomented the emergence of transnational gangs brutality. The brutality and internationally illegal practices deployed by the psychopathic Steven Miller and the trump sociopathy suppressed the influx and bottled up the desire of those desperately seeking relief until a compassionate, more American administration was being installed (still with key positions awaiting Senate confirmation). So the influx increased and developed into the current problem. I find it refreshing to see the Biden administration seeking to develop long-term proactive solutions instead of transactional reactive solutions and have faith that guided by traditional American values and historical American precedents that the root causes will be addressed and solutions will be found. I remind everyone wanting immediate solutions, that immediate reactive solutions are mere bandaids to cover up the symptoms instead of intelligent strategies to deal with the causes. … … … As far as the Republican Party grandstanding for political positioning: They can just stuff it. The Republican Party for the last 12 years has not legislated anything that was not self serving. They failed to even pretend to take their oath’s office seriously as part of their role in even considering their Constitutional responsibility to provide oversight of the Executive Branch with their quid pro quo relationship, they failed to protect Americans and even led the charge to over 570,000 unnecessary American Covid deaths and they broadly endorsed, and many still do, the big lie that the Presidential Election was stolen despite the only broadly proven election interference were the things that the trump did directly or through surrogates and that the RNC had funded and coordinated - and still are. I do not give a crap about any of the whining, the posturing or the ‘righteous’ claims that most of them, the Obstructionist Party, the Insurrection Party, the Party of ‘NO’ make about anything and will not until I see them own their past abuses and mistakes as well as admit that their politically motivated efforts to claim election fraud directly led to the January 6th insurrection.

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    Something should be done to aid or change the countries these people are coming from. Additionally we need a better way to process and either accept or reunite minors with parents.