‘Matt Gaetz Needs To Resign,’ Says GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger - Do You Agree?

Does Rep. Gaetz need to resign?

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    Jail the jerk now please? We believe his victim. He's a perv. Stop raping girls.

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    Matt Gaetz is is a stain and must be washed out.

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    Yes Gaetz has to resign, his actions have been reprehensible and illegal. He is supposed to be representing this United States!! He has openly defied our rule of law and has shown contempt for our moral and social commandments

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    He needs to go. What he did is wrong on so many levels.

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    Not that honesty is a quality inside Democrat policies currently. Matt is about the only honest decent man doing his best by being an example of courage an integrity, with that said. It is plain to see how “ Dems” are “ at it again, trying to destroy the reputation of a good and decent man! We’ve seen it time and time again, throughout the Trump Presidency. It’s a stain on the Democrat party, that once had decent, law abiding men and women working together with Conservatives to make and keep America the beautiful a wonderful place to live! Sorry that the changes are not in step with so many, and now all the American people who love this Nation, to not allow this BS to continue. Come out of the woodwork and let’s see actually how these dastardly plans will enrich the lives of hard working people, that want to live in a Constitutionally sane America? Ask All the people Or are you fearful of the response and where this debate about ruining the lives of good decent people may lead? It’s a disgrace ( not that you’re interested) it looks like you’re ( most Dems) are Anti-American. And what legacy will you leave? Death and dishonor it looks like. Remember your childhood And how all this ill will affect the lives of all we leave behind someday. It’s truly a mortal sin. I hope you change your ways before it’s too late. Those poor illegal immigrants, it’s all lies they’re being told Where’s Kamala at? Hmm Vacationing in the Bahamas? Another disgrace.

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    He needs to go, he’s a creep

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    allegedly is not guilty

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    Too much smoke to be no fire...time for him to go

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    What about booker

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    Why hasnt he given an explaination to what that $900 was really for? $300 payments for 'school' to underage girls? definitely not. and why have a middle man in the first place if he really was giving money for school to them?... hes guilty. the evidence is in front of our face.

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    Unless he is proven guilty he shouldn’t be required to leave Congress I mean this person could be just soliciting him for money so unless the girl has evidence that he inappropriately did something that’s not supposed to be done what is wrong with this country? Either find proof that he did that action or leave him alone innocent until proven guilty or Nah

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    As much as I would love to see him twist in the wind and keep the question of why the GOP has let him stay on alive, for the sake of his constituents, it is time for him to go.

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    3030 Elder Way

    He is innocent until proven guilty. He need not be forced to resign until then.

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    Gaetz is one of a number of Rethuglicans who need to resign - along with Boebert, MT Greene, Gohmert, Jim Jordan, and Nunes in the House. Senators on my "Do America a BIG favor and resign" list include Cotton, Cruz, Rubio, Scott, Grassley, Ernst, Mc Connell, Paul, Hawley, Inhofe, Tillis, Graham, Cornyn and Ron Johnson.

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    Make them accountable. You choose public life your standard must be higher

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    He's a criminal and never should have been elected in the first place! He's accused of possible sex trafficking. He also had sex with a teenager under age, which constitutes RAPE. He doesn't belong in our Congress representing anyone!

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    Women detail drug use, sex and payments after late-night parties with Gaetz and others The poster faces of holier than thou conservatives EVILangicals ... dear leader dumbkopf €#$$¥ grabber, falwell pants down, gaetz pedo etc How come Qanon does not go after these deviant low life degenerates? Sure as adults you can indulge in your choice of activities behind closed doors as long as you are not in a position of any authority that impacts my life !

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    Rep. Matt Gaetz R-FL has long been regarded as a pompous sleezeball. It’s now been confirmed. I am certain the citizens of the panhandle of Florida deserve better.

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    This is icing on the cake for Matt who has forgotten the roll of government. The makeup is coming off and the bright tv lights are exposing his character to the world. Matt has zero place in government other than to turn it upside down and cash in on the idea that it’s not working. It’s pretty obvious Matt that you are a key reason it’s not working.

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    Matt Gaetz must resign.