Do You Support or Oppose Vaccine Passports?

Should businesses require vaccine passports?

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    Vaccine passports will inherently foster segregation and discrimination. Medical freedom is a fundamental right and forcing people to take an experimental vaccine that is still in clinical trials and inherently has no long-term data is coercion. I strongly oppose vaccine passports.

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    Requiring vaccine passports to enter restaurants and venues is against ones civil rights tyranny and crime against humanity is this part of a communist agenda I will not participate in this slavery control and will sue for my right to privacy.

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    The current documents are too easy to fak. If we want to get the economy going again we HAVE to ensure a critical mass of people are vaccinated. The people refusing are like people who shit in the public swimming pool. Their behavior is unacceptable - of course, this excluded the few people who due to health cannot be vaccinated.

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    Since the FDA has not approved the so called vaccines they should not be required.

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    After a vaccine is approved (beyond the EUA), if we still haven't beat the virus, we should not only have a vaccine passport, but we should tax people who refuse to get vaccinated, disqualify unvaccinated people from health insurance under the government plans, and incentivize the health insurance industry to raise costs for the unvaccinated or allow them to refuse coverage. If we don't have the stomach to mandate the vaccine, then we should be more persuasive.

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    We should not have a passport to show we had a vaccination for COVID. Privacy is important to individuals especially those who still work. Those individuals could those their livelihood for their families and themselves. Vaccinations are supposed to work and who can tell if anyone has received the treatment, another way to cheat the system.

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    If schools have a right to mandate vaccinations and employers have a right to mandate drug testing, then both schools and employers have a right to mandate proof of vaccination. Whether businesses and travel industry providers want to mandate may be less clear, but you can fully expect schools and employers to exercise their right to see your vaccination record.

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    It’s nobody’s business who gets the vaccine.Business have the right to do what they want.But that is overstepping it a bit.The vaccine passport is a bad idea just for the fact that not everyone can get one due to overbooking and unable to get a appointment.And they should not be punished.Also if it’s on your phone.It could run the risk of getting hacked. plus it’s nobody business.I understand as far as going to another country.But to have one to go to concert or out to eat.That is wrong.What will work is better messaging with the vaccines. As far as getting people to take them.Don’t force it or shame people into taking it.And if there are real problems with the side effects don’t try to hide it play politics with it.Be open and honest.But no pass ports

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    In the words of the abortion advocates, My Body, My Choice!

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    I learned from the stories told by people that lived though the 1918 flu pandemic. I don't want to be around anyone that doesn't wear a mask or is anti vaccination. People like tell me they don't care of they are carrying around a virus that could kill those around them. I know 2 people that contracted Covid. One is still recovering months later, the other one died.

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    No to any kind of vaccine passports. This is China tactic which Nancy, Chuck, and Joe want to turn America into.

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    I want to feel safe when I go to a business. Showing verification of vaccine can do that

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    All private companies should have the option to require their customers and employees to be vaccinated. Governmental agencies, offices and personnel should be mandated. Any medical exception could require availability of accommodations that eliminate public contact.

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    More people need to get the vaccination if we are to eliminate this disease from the world. Yes. Make it mandatory to travel.

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    No, bunch of brainwashed sheep out there. Think for yourselves.

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    Vaccination records are needed for school admissions. Nothing else is needed.

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    I think Jim k has a valid point of view except yes some people are just stupid an only see 3ft in front of there phone screen but me personally I am not irresponsible I take every precaution I can to not spread covid except the vaccine I’m not to keen on injecting a unknown substance into my body with no long therm effects known dude in 5 years your azzhole could turn inside out an start talking to you u don’t know it was rushed to market and were seeing some adverse reactions but I’m almost certainly in 10-15 years all of you will be seeing the class action suits cause the vaccine caused dementia or something like that I know that for certain because there no long term study an because Republicans I believe I may be wrong but granted these company’s legal protections against future lawsuits arising from these vaccines so that’s a red flag for me they already know it’s unknown an the chance of this happening is so great they lobbying Congress to shield them as the drug co knew they were gonna be somewhat careless with safety standards to hurry up n get one to market I think the irresponsibility is on the people getting the vaccine without knowing any long term effects is greatly irresponsible to your self an your health I will not get the vaccine as I’m naturally immune to it cause I’m clean I been around ppl with covid at the hospital i worked around ppl who where found to have them quarantined I have took the real test not the instant 6x last one a month ago an 4 instant test I have never failed or contracted covid an I never will I’m clean just be clean is the key viruses are around us all the time don’t take a shit in a public bathroom at Burger King then not wash ur hands then eat at the Burger King that’s the type of shit ppl do nobody washes there hands after pissing or shitting it’s totally disgusting at the casino how many guys walk right in n out the bathroom an not touch the soap gross shit like that is how u contract viruses be clean it just might save your life cleanliness is next to godliness in this case. I just checked yes they granted Pfizer moderna etc are under the public readiness and emergency preparedness act immunity from lawsuits for wrongful death medical malpractice an so on while most ppl say sure they would want that protection but that comes back full circle the company is not willing to gamble there business on it wanting these protections but that’s my point nobody knows what that drug is gonna don10-15-20 years from the effect it has long term ppl getting the vaccine are part of the biggest drug trial in human history I pray for you all that it’s not the downfall of your life instead of the saving grace ppl like him k make it out to be just be clean ppl it’s easy with a lil effort I never get flu shot either I haven’t been sick with the flu in 10yrs easy cause I’m clean not anal about it but I’m very clean not touching my face sanitizing when I can’t wash my hands wash your face several times a day ur body once a day use mouth rinse through the day just be a cleaner species we might not have all this disease

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    So I have to show proof of a vaccine and that is ok but it’s wrong to show ID to vote.

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    If vaccination passports are mandatory to travel then maybe more people will get them. You needed proof of smallpox vaccination years ago also polio. I don't understand stupidity. It's for the safety of the world not just the country.

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    This should be a must. This will help with out breaks in the future and I feel that if you want to go into a country they should have full right to see what you are vaccinated for and judge if you are a risk or not.