Democrats Flip-Flop on the Filibuster After Winning the Senate Majority

Do you support or oppose eliminating the legislative filibuster’s 60 vote threshold?

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    Get rid of it so CONGRESS can GET to work!

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    We must eliminate the filibuster.

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    How can the Republicans ethically defend the stripping of voting rights for everyone but white rich people? If the Republicans had any ideas for making the country better for the majority, they would not have to cheat. I am so ashamed of the repressive policies of my representatives in congress and our state. You don’t represent the majority. You are prostitute’s of the Koch’s and other millionaires. I am also ashamed of ever voting Republican and now will forever be a Recovering Republican. I won’t be able to take enough showers to wash away the stink of being affiliated with Republicans.

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    I think the filibuster should be eliminated.

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    Clever “solution” putting reconciliation to the parliamentarian! "Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough on Monday ruled in favor of an effort by Democrats to use the budget reconciliation process more than once per fiscal year to pass tax and spending legislation on party-lines while bypassing the legislative filibuster, which requires 60 votes in the Senate." BTW - We need Manchin to be replaced.

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    STOP THE FIL! STOP THE FIL! Either the filibuster goes back to being required to speak without breaks on why you truly believe a piece of legislation should or should not move forward, or it needs to end (or at least call it something else, like Congressional Laziness or I Don’t Wanna Vote-itis). Making it easier to stop progress is not the answer to anything. But when over 50% of this country’s citizenry believe a bill is necessary and true and needed badly, then their representatives need to listen and vote accordingly. Ignoring a country’s citizenry puts our Democracy in jeopardy, and no Senator or Representative has that right or invitation to vote against the will of the people! No one!

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    I love all the morons who were in love with the filibuster when republicans were in control - but now are suddenly opposed. You’re all pathetic hypocrites. This would eliminate bipartisanship even further.

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    Keep it

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    I support the removal.... however this stinks just as bad as when Republicans walked back their stance on Obama nominating a Supreme Court justice right before the election. Then did the same thing they stood against heading into the 2020 election. It’s disappointing that our politics is filled with decisions and statements that seem so very hypocritical.