Trump Launches ‘Official Website of the 45th President’

What do you think of Trump's official website?

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    Trump. a conman and a crook should not be allowed to victimize any more people with a propaganda website.

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    If anything Trump is really good at being an epic troll. He’s the former president who gives a damn if he started a website🤷🏼‍♀️

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    Freedom of speech for the egotistical, self-centered, self-righteous is a shame. He didn't have anything important to say as President or now. Please leave politics and refrain from commenting on how to run our country or and slandering those in office. You are dividing a nation with your rhetorical ranting that makes us remember you are not able to lose with decorum, tact, or refinement. If you must do something try supporting our leaders and bringing our divided nation together. You remind me of an ape pounding his chest trying to show how great he is.

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    Being able to communicate Directly with our President is a First for this country. When we REPLACE RINOS like McConnell we will be moving in the right direction. The SWAMP needs to be COMPLETELY DRAINED of everyone who has committed crimes Against the PEOPLE of this country, and have filled their pockets with OUR Money.