Manchin Opposes House Democrats’ Recently Passed Bills to Expand Firearm Background Checks

Do you support or oppose the recently passed gun control bills?

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    It makes no sense to weaken our God given rights of the 2nd Amendment. We need to stop Bill 127. Please Congressman and Senators vote no on this Bill please and thank you. Sincerely, John Shapley.

  • 314

    We do not need more laws that restrict citizens' right to own a firearm. Those who legally own and use firearms whether for hunting, shooting sports, work, and personal safety are law abiding citizens who know that the privilege and right to own and possess a firearm will be removed if they use it illegally. Sadly and angrily, criminals do not have the same concern and in spite of the many firearm laws in existence today will choose to ignore them to commit their crime. We wish law makers, prosecutors, and judges would focus their efforts on truly punishing those who use firearms (and other weapons) to commit crimes. Yes, we have chosen to be members of the NRA and local firearm associations and support law abiding citizens rights to own firearms.