Ron Johnson: If Capitol Rioters Had Been BLM, Antifa 'I Might Have Been a Little Concerned'

How do you feel about Johnson's remarks?

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    The facts of the capital breach are not simple. You people that get all your news from Google see what they what you to see. It is not even news but just one sided propaganda opinions and because something in your poorly wired head makes you think it is news based on facts, it is not. The facts are that the FBI has become a military black ops wing of the Communist Democratic Party and had informants along with BLM and Antifa members dressed up as Trump supporters to set up a breach. That's why if you watch opposition news you would see that Capital police welcomed the peaceful protesters in and that is why Nancy Pelosi refused The Trump Administration offer of additional security. Because donors own the Communist Democratic Party, and the News. They created a narrative that poorly wired Americans would believe. So yes if it was Antifa or BLM. I too would be scared because they beat old people in wheel chairs based on skin color, white. Now thats racism. Us Republicans love everyone of all colors. Fact. Mr. Johnsons comments of fear are factual because he is who those group target, old white people.

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    Michael E.

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    Terrible racist comment of Ron Johnson. He totally ignores the damage, violence & deaths caused by these domestic seditionist terrorists who plotted insurrection on our Capitol with the intent to overturn Democracy, & kill or capture VP Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer & AOC. One can’t comprehend how he equated safety from a rioting violent mob of white supremacists with a non-violent peaceful mixed race group of Black Lives Matter boogeymen. Pretty obvious he is drinking the Fox News Koolaid & spreading Republican inaccurate racist tropes.

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    Tone deaf seditionist. He has lost all credibility. Few people are THAT stupid. Randy and Ted should be asking for the resignation of their fellow seditious Freedom Caucus Sex trafficker, Matt Gaetz. John, if you can refrain from criticizing Biden for not being a tweeting nut job, you might get through this. You really should distance yourself from the Texas GOP extremist wing. We’re not finished with their downfall yet. Look around, Y’all did this.