Election Day Troubleshooting: What to Do if Your Absentee Ballot Never Arrived

Here's what to do if your absentee or mail-in ballot didn't arrive.

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    I unfortuantely live in a really red gerrymandered state. I only vote hoping that enough folks around me will join in and actually make a defference. I get sick every time I hear them campaigning because they fought for and got the infrastructure bill passed and they alone rescued the Chips bill that Democrats wanted to tank.

    If the nimrod voters of the country hand over the House and the Senate with their gerrymandered districts and voting suppressed electorate, I may look for greener pastures and ecourage my kids to do so as well. It frankly could become dangerous when the brown shirt MAGA-morality police are formed and come looking for me. 

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    In our state the polling place will know if an absentee ballot has already been turned in as the system captures each step making it easier to get a provisional ballot as long as it hasn't been returned for validation & cout.

    In 2020 when I voted absentee I receive emails & text messages telling me each step that completed and the date:

    1) requested a ballot

    2) completed ballot returned via ballot box had been mailed to the address in my drivers license (just like my new license was)

    3) ballot validated. My ballot had no problems but the system said if there were problems that I'd be notified so I could correct it.

    4) ballot counted

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    Go to your polling place/election office and get a provisional ballot. 

    My county is great about this. I get a text when they are mailed so know to keep an eye out. A follow up text that explains if you haven't received your ballot here's what to do. Then a text when it's actually counted. 

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    You should have voted in person?