What is ‘Suspension of the Rules’ in the House?

How do you feel about suspension of the rules in the House?

  • 7,715

    Is like to suspend all of these greedy SOBs. Nothing has been accomplished is years that is meaningful to AMERICANS! We’ve become so intrenched in this political madness at the expense of our nation and our people. We’ve been in a downward spiral since Obama was in office.

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    There should be a consensus when changing the rules of congress. The leader of either the House of Representatives or the leader of the Senate should not have that much power.

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    The congress has to figure out a way to get things done and, in this time of the GQP, the republicans want to make this administration look bad by not allowing them to get their bills passed. McConnell used the same philosophy when he was senate majority leader. He just wouldn’t call for a vote if he didn’t want it to pass or for the republicans, who would vote against it, to look bad. An example of this are the gun control bills, but there are other examples. And we all remember the story of the last Supreme Court judge appointed. Now that the Democrats are in charge they need to get their agenda passed however they can. Their agenda is for the American people and it’s what the majority wants.