What is Cloture in the Senate?

How do you feel about cloture motions?

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    A cloture is a tool. Any tool can be used or abused. Currently, this tool says, "Do 51 of 100 Senators agree it is time to stop discussing the pros and cons of a given bill in public, on the Senate Floor?” Put this in context; many things have likely occurred before a bill got to the Senate Floor. The real debates probably happened before the bill was introduced. Phone calls, visits, meals, etc., are used to determine likely votes. There's haggling, and there's arm twisting So, what happens on the floor in front of the gallery and cameras is mostly Politics as Performance Art. So, do I support the filibuster? No! Do I support Cloture? Yes! In fact, if one opposes the filibuster, logically one supports cloture in some form be it simple majority or three-fifth or two-thirds. I support a simple majority.

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    This should be unconstitutional or at the very least abolished. This is just a way for the Dems to push through their radical agenda. I strongly oppose this and every American should too. But remember, what goes around comes around. So when the Republicans take back the house, this can work to our advantage. But that doesn’t make it right. Just another Far left strategy to destroy our nation.

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    Nope, Democrats should not be given an inch because they will abuse and take more than a mile. The fact they have taken adverse advantage of the Covid crisis speaks to the evil going on. America is definitely not better off with this illegitimate dictator!!