The ArtAttack Army is on the march! Sign the petition.

Wow. In just a few days more than 1,000 people have joined the fight to keep the arts alive in Michigan. And while this is amazing, there is more you can do. Write a letter, sign the petition on our site. We need to make ourselves heard. Please go here now…Read More

1000 Members within reach = Art Attack Army!

In just a few days we have nearly 1000 members who have joined our Cause ... let's try and break the century mark by the end of the day. Keep Spreading the word! The final tweaks are being made to the petition that we can sign online, keep checking for when…Read More

Nearly 300 members and growing

The good news is that our numbers are growing ... but we need more than just numbers. We need voices to be heard. We gotta make sure those in Lansing know we are serious about this. Go to and make a comment. If you have a piece you want…Read More

Wow! 100 members in a day!

This is a great start, keep the momentum going. We need to save the creative community in Michigan.
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