Sending request for Google Logo supporting "Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020"

1. Log in to your google account 2. Go to 3. Go to "Post a Question" 4. Select Category > Google Doodles 5. Search for Google Logo supporting "Decade of Action for…Read More

HIT + RUN = MURDER = IPC 304 [Justice to Victims]

We the people of Chandigarh, strongly believe that grave injustice is being meted out in the latest Hit and Run case resulting in the death of a youth, Sukhwinder Singh (21) and his nephew, Harpreet Singh (5). We condemn the functioning of Chandigarh…Read More

Advocacy to get Safer Road Infrastructure

Its high time that the Road Safety norms are followed while designing and maintaining roads.

If you Drink & Drive, you are an Idiot

Alcohol and accidents. Duplicate but very instructive . You help us? Share this on your wall, that this chain does not stop You know what ONE MINUTE OF YOUR TIME SAVES LIVES? Copy this text and place it on the wall of your friends. Help us translate this…Read More

ArriveSAFE attends “TIME FOR ACTION” First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety at Moscow

Harman Singh Sidhu, President of ArriveSAFE, NGO on Road Safety attended the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety held at World Trade Centre, Moscow, Russia on 19th and 20th November 2009. The mission of the conference was to make combined…Read More

COMPETITION - "Road Safety - Our Message to World Leaders"

Why – THE CAMPAIGN FOR GLOBAL ROAD SAFETY “Road crashes are now the leading global cause of death for children and young people aged 10-24 and cost the developing world up to $100 billion a year, money that could instead be spent on schools and hospitals and…Read More

Collaboration with British Library - Woodrow Phoenix’s visit to Chandigarh

Woodrow Phoenix is a writer, artist and designer based in London. He has been writing and drawing comic strips professionally since 1986. His illustration clients include the Prudential, Radio Times, Family Planning Association, English National Opera,…Read More
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