Can you help GI-NET in America's Giving Challenge?

Hi Admins, America’s Giving Challenge is almost halfway done and we still need support from you and the members of your Facebook cause! A big way you can support GI-NET is by joining the Challenge (it's not too late!) and asking your cause members to donate…Read More

Can you help GI-NET in America's Giving Challenge?

Hi, and thanks again for joining a cause affiliated with Genocide Intervention Network!  If you're not already a fan of GI-NET on Facebook, you can become a fan here: (  You can also text "fan…Read More

Thanks for facebooking to end genocide!

Hi, THANK YOU for being a member of a Facebook cause that supports Genocide Intervention Network! Want to learn more about our work to abolish genocide? Fan our GI-NET Facebook page and stay up-to-date on our progress here:…Read More

Thanks for affiliating with GI-NET, America's Giving Challenge

Hi there! First, THANK YOU for creating a cause to support Genocide Intervention Network! We are so grateful for your support for our work to abolish genocide. I want to let you know about an awesome opportunity--from now through November 7-- to support…Read More

Obama gets a “Preemptive” Nobel Prize

 In a shocking and very disturbing precedent, today the Norwegian Nobel Committee gave the 2009 Nobel Prize to “US. President/Global Messiah” Barak Obama. With this move the committee have utterly destroyed the prize’s credibility, honesty and…Read More

Holder considering torture probe

WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder is considering whether to appoint a criminal prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration's interrogation practices, a controversial move that would run counter to President Barack Obama's wishes to leave the…Read More

One step closer to justice

Obama releases Bush torture memos: Insects, sleep deprivation and waterboarding among approved techniques by the Bush administration Transparency won. The Obama administration's decision to release a group of legal memos discussing specific interrogation…Read More
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