Changing our union page to a group page from a cause.

We have changed our format on Facebook for our Union Page. All American Airlines and American Eagle Agents can now join our group page instead of our "cause" page. The group page is easier to follow and more user friendly allowing comments and discussion…Read More

Attn: American Airlines and America Eagle Agents!!

If you haven't yet signed a petition that is being forwarded to the National Mediation Board in support of the proposed changes to YES/NO ballots for airline union elections, please go to and sign it on the NMB/Legal News page. Hearings were…Read More

Important video explaining proposed changes to National Mediation Board

Click on this link to watch an important video about the proposed changes to the National Mediation Board voting procedures. It also explains the delay in voting for the Delta and Northwest Flight Attendants. These changes can ensure we have a fair union…Read More

National Mediation Board Proposes Changes to Voting Guidlines.

Please go to the cause page of the Association of Passenger Service Agents/CWA to read about the new changes proposed to make voting in an airline union election more democratic and in line with every other type of election in the country. If these…Read More

8th American Ailines reservations office closes

Contract help doing agents work.

A few weeks ago MIA management put a plan in action that would place a contract employee on board certain flights while boarding. This contract employee was to help passengers locate their seats, stow their bags, and check any excess bags. It was reported to…Read More

Union Interest Cards

Please advise agents at your station that they can sign a current union interest cards at Go to the website and click on "Union Interest Card". Please pass this info along toy our fellow agents. We do not have email addresses for everyone…Read More
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