Thanks to all who participated!

April 20 has come and gone, and the nation's newspapers have seen a few more subscribers added to their rolls thanks to you. You know and I know that this cause won't fix the newspaper industry by itself, but every little bit helps, as they say. I hope that…Read More

Today's the day to support your local paper!

Good morning, all! Today is April 20: Support Your Local Newspaper Day! Of course, nearly 3,900 of you already know that. The time has come to subscribe to the local newspaper of your choice for a full year. I've already signed on with my local daily, the St.…Read More

Almost time to vote (with subscriptions)

You’ve done your civic duty this week and rendered unto the federal and state governments what is their due - or else you’ve made proper arrangements to do so. Congratulations, citizen! The Republic thanks you for your support. But Uncle Sam has one more…Read More

Monday next

Chicago labor attorney Thomas Geoghegan’s very first book (out of five thus far) was evocatively titled 'Which Side Are You On?: Trying to Be For Labor When It’s Flat on Its Back.' The sentiment of the title can easily be applied to the nation’s struggling…Read More

Thirteen days, then subscribe

Thirteen days from the publication of this post, I’ll subscribe for a year to my hometown daily, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. At least twenty-six hundred of you will be doing the same on April 20 with your own local paper, won’t you? Indeed you will, friends,…Read More

Milestone; new URL

Three quick notes regarding the local newspaper effort: 1: The membership count passed the 1,000 mark today! I'm very grateful to all of you who have signed on, and who have reached out to others. You're engaged citizens - which is the best kind of citizen,…Read More

Share this graphic!

Support Your Local Newspaper Day is April 20! Post and share this lovingly handmade graphic to help spread the word. Use it as a link to this Cause page, my original post, or a post of your…Read More
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