Girls at Apne Aap's Boarding School in Forbesganj, Bihar

Apne Aap Women Worldwide provides women and girls a path out of forced prostitution. Based in Bihar, India, these girls were rescued from rural brothels and placed in a boarding school where they have an opportunity to gain an education and reside in a safe…Read More

Apne Aap Wins in Patna High Court!

Update!! Apne Aap Wins in Patna High Court! Archived Blog: Help to End Police Harassment of Anti-Trafficking Activists in Bihar I worked at…Read More

Bihar Flood Relief Goals

Hello everyone, Thank you all for showing your support for this cause by joining on Facebook. I wanted to email you all to talk about our current situation and goals for our relief efforts. Recently Laura and I went to Bihar and saw for ourselves the state…Read More

OCTOBER UPDATE --- Bihar Flood

Thank you everyone for supporting this cause!!!! I just got the report about where where your valuable donations went. The money that you donated was used to feed hundreds of people. Kalam and one other Apne Aap volunteer swam through the flood waters with…Read More

Letter From Juhi, a 12 year old girl in Araria, Bihar

Dear Rahul Bhya, Namaste! I Juhi Khatun want to give you some information related to the floods. I am twelve years old. Dear God, please never again send such a catastrophic flood to our Bihar. In my 12 years I have never seen or heard of such a flood. And…Read More

Extreme Conditions of Flood in Bihar, India 2008

Here are some insights I have attained by speaking on the phone with the district manager in Araria (one of the worst hit regions in NE Bihar) and also through a variety of media sources.... outlook magazine, bbc, NYtimes, hindutimes and so on. 1.The Indian…Read More

Apne Aap

Apne Aap is an NGO that frees women and children from sex trafficking. It has 5 major centers within India and Saudi Arabia, and has established schools and shelters within these centers. The President of Apne Aap is Ruchira Gupta, an Emmy award winning…Read More
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