22 Months Strong!

Anita has been trucking along like a champion! Today, February 1st, marks 22 months since Anita received a donor heart. She is still quite mobile, walking by herself on her own 2 feet, no cane of any kind. She still has her smile and wit. And, her recent…Read More

Incredible day for Anita - 6 months post-transplant!

It's October! Best of all, today is the "half birthday" of Anita's new heart! Six months ago at this time of the day, Anita had undergone heart transplant surgery and was recovering at Duke University Medical Center. Later that evening, she came out of…Read More

Three is the charm! And, so is she.

It has been almost 3 months. Three months ago, Bradley called to say Anita was going into surgery. Three months ago, we were glued to the phone and unable to sleep, waiting with anticipation for another call to tell us how well the transplant surgery went.…Read More

1 Month!

I am excited to share that our friend, Anita, continues to progress! How awesome that she is more than a month post-op! As previously mentioned, physical therapy has been part of Anita's routine for many months now. Several exercises regularly are a part of…Read More

It's a big day!

Anita was released from the hospital this afternoon! Amazing!! And, did you know April is Organ Donation Awareness month? Make the choice to be a donor. I have the little red heart on my N.C. driver's license. Do you?

Coming Soon - Marathon Runner?

Anita trucked around the hospital this weekend, walking a full lap around her floor. She has not been able to walk that far in over a year! The lab results of the fluid in her chest showed no growth of bacteria. The NG tube was removed, and she is gradually…Read More

It's already week 2!

I talked to Bradley a few days ago, and Anita was re-awakened. She had the breathing tube removed and was breathing on her own. Her heart is still doing well and strengthening, and he said both sides of the heart had "caught up" with the other and Anita is…Read More
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