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Demand Animal Planet require animal abuse monitors on set

Animal Planet and their production company partners have come under scrutiny for their inhumane treatment of animals.

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    Animals are a lot more like us than some people like to admit.  They think, feel, love and can…Read More

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Nick Magel

Staged scenes, drugs, hollywood. This doesn't sound like Animal Planet, but it is.

​Your Favorite Animal Planet Show Is Fake and Super-Abusive to Animals

Call of the Wildman, Animal Planet's blockbuster chronicle of a wildlife trapper, is one helluva romp. It's also a drama-staging, zebra-drugging, wallaby-kidnapping, raccoon- and bat-killing crock of shit, according to a disturbing new in-depth investigation by Mother Jones. The investigation, led by producer James West and summed up by him in…Read More
Stop Animal Cruelty
Stop Animal Cruelty Campaign leader

The full investigation from Mother Jones

Drugs, death, neglect: behind the scenes at Animal Planet

Mother Jones
By the time three orphaned raccoons arrived for emergency care at the Kentucky Wildlife Center in April 2012, "they were emaciated," says Karen Bailey, who runs the nonprofit rehab clinic set in the sunny thoroughbred country just outside of Georgetown, in central Kentucky. "They were almost dead." A fast talker with ashy blond hair and an easy…Read More
Stop Animal Cruelty
Stop Animal Cruelty Campaign leader

New evidence points to even more abuse from Animal Planet's "Call of the Wildman" television show. Truly upsetting.

Here's photographic evidence we obtained of a coyote suffering behind the scenes at Animal Planet

Mother Jones
Mother Jones has uncovered photographic evidence of mistreatment and neglect of animals behind the scenes of Animal Planet's hit reality show Call of the Wildman, a pattern first exposed in our seven-month investigation published on January 21. Additional documents we obtained also raise questions about whether the show operated in violation of…Read More
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