Share your storys about sarcoidosis

Tell your story and educate the world about this disease. A cure is needed. Please share your written story on how sarcoidosis affected you or a family member.Upload an Image, video or a text and let us know your story.

Next mile stone 700

April is sarcoidosis awareness month.Let see if we can get 95 more members or more to join.All it takes is each member to invite one or more friends to join.


Thanks to the members we now has 600 member that knows about sarcoidosis.Now that you know share it with you friends and family,a cure is needed you just my save a life.


Thanks member for your support with this cause.Your support counts.

Thank You

Taking the time out to stay thanks for your support for joining the sarcoidosis cause.Your support counts UPDATE #1 Sending a shout to the members who share their story about sarcoidosis. Thank you

Hope reach 600 members

Members we need 4 more person to reach 600 milestone.My thanks to all of you for showing your support. We still need to educate the world about this disease. So can you help me by inviting more of your friends to join the cause.

Next mile stone

Members the next mile stone is 600 members.But we need 26 more members to reach that mile stone.Will you help me to get to the next mile stone by inviting your friends to join the sarcoidosis cause.
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