912 Project Reaches 4000 Members

Fellow 912 Project Members, We have reached a new milestone by achieving 4000 members! Spread the word to your friends to join the cause! Be sure to tune into Glenn Beck on Friday 2/19/2010, it is going to be a great show! Respectfully, Vanessa Bentley

9-12 is just around the corner

Fellow 9-12 Project members: September 12th is just around the corner and we just recently gained our 3000th member! Thanks to all of you for keeping this cause going on FB and for all you do in your local communities! As you find information that supports…Read More

A must watch video

Americas 912 Project's own Pamela L. Ramos has just posted a video in the media section of the cause page titled "What Is Americas True Form of Government?" After viewing this video myself, I have to say its a must watch video for our cause. Please, take a…Read More

1000 Members and climbing!

We have now surpassed the 1000 member mark and there is no end in sight! You can now also find this page on a shorter link at www.causes.com/americas912project Spread this around to all your friends on facebook and across the web using the invite and share…Read More

Big News!

First, my name is Justin and I too want to spread the 9.12 project to as many people as possible. I have been talking with Vanessa (your cause creator) about joining the many small 9.12 facebook groups and causes into one large group to pool resources…Read More

912 Project

Hello, Thank you for joining the cause. We are only 22 members short of 100 in one day. Let's spread the word and make this thing go the distance!! Great job! Vanessa
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