The road is long, but the mission is vital

Lance W Orndorff just posted a video to your cause, Troop Assistance Returning Home From War Zones ( The local ABC affiliate cem byon the 7th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war to hear a few words…Read More

Great Progress for the AHR Vets Program this Vets Day Week

I've been keeping you, our cause member, up to date on our development of Camp Hero/The Woods Center in Smithville, West Virginia for our Active Duty and Veterans. This week, a friend of American Heroes Return and faithful giver called and said she had…Read More

American Heroes Return/Camp Hero is in America's Giving Challenge—Let's win $50,000 for our Vets!

Hi everyone, Two very important things today for our program - one just happened and the other will take place at this morning (Wednesday) in Washington, DC. I will detail both of them in this email. ****************************************** Frist, our…Read More

Updates Program Brochure

You can read, download, or print the new AHR program brochure at . We need to get this to the printer for another 1000 brochures. Any help with the printing bill would be great! You can give on line at…Read More

A way to support AHR while doing something for yourself....we are not asking for a donation today.

Any way we can ethically raise money to build out the campus in West Virginia is a good thing. We've linked up with MonaVie and now you can contribute in a big way while at the same time trying out something that even my 79 year old mother says has a bigtime…Read More

Amazing two weeks

Wow, where do I start with this update? Conover, NC: May 15th - that is the day we officially open the first American Heroes Return Military Transition Respite. Yep, next month! The name is Carver House Farm (website will be up soon) and it is in Conover NC.…Read More

Donation Link Fixed ... Ugh! Can we hear from you?

Hey folks, the DONATE link at has been all of you that tried to make a $20 donation during our 2020 appeal can return and make that gift. Don't ya know it pained us to find out it was not working before! But now its…Read More
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