Alert News !!! Voting going on CNN regarding Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Movie issue. Please Go to and scroll down to end and vote "NO" PLz SPREAD THE MESSAGE.

MAH_E_MUHARRAM(The month of MUHARRAM) 1432hijri

This is the first month of Islamic Calender, in which Nawasay Rasool Hazrat Imam Hussain(A.S) & the family(Ahl-e-bait),supporters(Ashab) of prophet Muhammad's(S.A.W.W) grandson sacrificed their lives in guarding islam & gave life 2 Islam. The poet of…Read More

Women in Veil

Mother teresa- a classic example of a lady who devotd her life for the cause of humanity, a nobel prize winner, a forunner in noble cause, Wonder what made her so eminent, her dressing was not westernised, nor did she wear scanty clothes as prescribed by…Read More

Attention Required facebookers!!

plx Suggest more friends 2 our cause.. secondly on 20th may,2010. a drawing compitition on fb is happening Title: Draw Muhammad(S.A.W.W) day. plx report this event with option of Report @ bottom on page. and check this link on youtube…Read More
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