We are about to begin the second phase of the campus master plan. One more block for the management studies, a well furnished MDP Center, a Chapel, Indoor Basket Ball court and Recreation Center, more students' and faculty quarters, and a block for…Read More

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Autonomous College, St Aloysius College offers  * Master of Business Administration(MBA) * Master of Computer Applications (MCA) * MSC Software Technology * MSC Bio informatics


Pictures taken during flag hoisting at AIMIT, St Aloysius College, Mangalore

Mandatory Disclosure Updated On 12.03.2012

AIMIT Students Among Top Ten in India Residential IIT Certificate Course

Four students of AIMIT, St Aloysius College (Autonomous) who participated in the National Creativity Aptitude Test conducted by the International Forum for Excellence in Higher Education (IFEHE), Delhi, have been placed among the top ten in India. These…Read More

Official Nonprofit Cause

All Members, Your cause has been marked as the "Official Nonprofit Cause". Please visit the FAQs for more information at We also recommend that you watch the videos and webinars at to maximize your Causes experience…Read More


Dear Members, I am happy to send you the link to our AIMIT CHRONICAL- our newsletter giving you information on various activities conducted during the last one semester. I am happy to inform you that our…Read More
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