AFIRE Wine Sale Fundraiser

With another busy year coming to a close it is time to top up the funds so we can pay some bills...and you can benefit! AFIRE are selling a selection of Australian and New Zealand wines. Purchase by the bottle or the case, straight or mixed selection. If…Read More

AFIRE Information Night

AFIRE is holding an Information Night 30th August 2010. Anyone who is interested in participating in any AFIRE activities is welcome to attend. The session will be held at the MFB Burnley Training Complex, Room CG3, Burnley St, Richmond at 1900 hrs on Monday…Read More

Fire in Phnom Penh

Hi Guys Here is a article regarding a major fire in Phnom Penh last week. There has been a lot of negative media regarding the response to the fire, however after speaking to a number of our representatives in Cambodia as well as some friends who were on…Read More

AFIRE in Cambodia

 Hey Guys Sorry about the delay in updating you all in what has been happening over here, as things have been rather hectic and internet access limited. The flood waters disappeared fairly quickly in Siem Reap following my last email, although left a lot of…Read More

AFIRE in Cambodia

Hi Guys Just a quick update of whats happening in Cambodia. Currently we have 3 team members in Cambodia with another 2 arriving today in preperation for another training project due to start next week. The north and central parts of Cambodia were severely…Read More

AFIRE Tributes to Matt

Hi all As you would all be aware, Matthew passed away tragically on Monday. I know you will all agree he was a valuable and respected member of our project team in March this year. On behalf of the membership and the Board of Directors we have written a…Read More

AFIRE Sad News

It is with great sadness that we regretfully announce the passing of Matthew Leonard. Matt was an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the AFIRE team, his sudden passing is a great loss to not only us, but the firefighters and people of Cambodia. In March…Read More
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