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Congress and ICE

A recent LA Times report revealed that border patrol agents have been stopping, searching, and in some cases detaining American journalist who have spent time in migrant caravans near Mexican border towns. Border Patrol officials maintain that these tactics are a necessary component of border security. Journalists and activists feel that these are intimidation tactics designed to deter the press from covering migrant caravans and border detention centers.

If the US Border Patrol is unfairly targeting journalists and activists, then this would constitute a violation of First Amendment secured freedoms of press and assembly. We must urge the current administration and congress to honor the First Amendment and protect journalists at the border.


We Hold These Truths

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How this will help

Bringing attention to this issue will prevent Border Patrol from using intimidation to silence journalists.

Sponsored by "We Hold These Truths" a First Amendment oriented human rights campaign from the McCain Institute.


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