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Leeanne Enoch, Queensland Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef.

We the undersigned demand that our Queensland Government enforces law protecting our Great barrier reef from fertiliser run off.
This is important because its killing one of our biggest icons and our natures life and beauty.
At the moment your government isn’t enforcing law aimed at protecting the great barrier reef from fertiliser run off. Reportedly forty-nine per cent audited sugar cane farming businesses were not complying with the law so far no farmer has faced prosecution and scientists say there is no evidence voluntary measures are improving water quality. The main reason for non-compliance was using too much nitrogen when nitrogen hits the reef its leads to algal blooms, providing food for juvenile crown-of-thorns starfish, which eat coral when they reach adulthood. If we want to see the great barrier reef in some sort of reasonable state we need to act now.
People that have continued to dump industrial waste down the drain. Humans are the main cause of water pollution, which is triggered in many ways: by the dumping of industrial waste; due to temperature rise, that cause the alteration of water by reducing the oxygen in its composition; Or due to deforestation, which causes sediments and bacteria to appear under the soil. The government also need to take charge otherwise if its just individuals it wont happen.
The current situation is water pollution this concerns me because its affecting my health and everyone else’s health, killing our animals and destroying our planet.

Your government will be judged on its ability to make a positive change on this worldwide issue. We urge you to enforce the laws and try to stop this terrible destruction In addition, by doing this you will show your serious about the We trust that you will act promptly on this matter.


Bray Warry

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This petition will help by forcing the government to enforce vital laws to save the great barrier reef

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