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Simon Birmingham minister of trade

We the undersigned ask that the honourable Simon Birmingham bring forth a bill in parliament to ban all sales of ivory within Australia.

It is important that sales of ivory products within Australia be banned because if there is demand people will do almost anything to get a supply to feed it. If we can ban all sales of ivory, that will get rid of a sizable portion of demand, therefore reducing the need to obtain a supply.

Thousands of animals like elephants, rhinos and pangolins are poached every year for the ivory that they have in the forms of tusks, horns and scales.
Although it is illegal to import ivory into Australia, it is completely legal to sell ivory within Australia with no need for documentation dating antiquity, so there is no way for an average buyer to know the ivory they are buying is from an elephant that was killed 100 years ago or a few weeks ago. Even with the strict import laws that Australia has, it is not impossible to beat the system and get animal products that have been obtained through the practice of poaching into Australian borders. This is a concern for me because as stated before once ivory is in Australia it is completely legal to sell it without documentation. This means if any ivory makes it through customs the money made from sales is technically legal, and therefore there can be no legal repercussions for offenders. I believe that we should ban all sales of ivory and implement harsh punishments for people found to be selling ivory within Australia.

If a ban is implemented, it will reduce the demand for ivory and therefore reduce the supply as there will be less money to be made. If new laws are introduced with harsh punishments that will be an even greater deterrent for anyone thinking of trying to sell ivory.
I truly believe that the minister of trade should see this as a serious problem within our country, because once ivory is in Australia there are no restrictions preventing easy sales. If this petition is fulfilled it will cut out a large portion of the demand. It will also greatly deter people from trying to import and then sell ivory within Australia with the new laws and penalties for people found to be partaking in the trading of ivory.

Simon Birmingham will be judged on his ability to bring forth a bill to introduce new laws surrounding the sale of ivory. We urge you to take action by helping this worthy and necessary cause. We hope you would show the world that Australia is committed to putting an end to the sale of ivory.

We trust that you will act promptly on this matter.


Nash Chaplin

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How this will help

Hopefully this will help reduce the sale of ivory in australia by a significant amount.

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