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Senator John McCain and the McCain Institute-Combating Human Trafficking

I am sincerely writing my regards to yourself as senator of the United States of America and also to your corporation in order to receive and justify a valid and acknowledge opinion from your organisation about my campaign. In order to address what my campaign is targeting, in working with the ‘Freedom Project’ they aim at fighting the good fight towards the horrific global crimes of human trafficking. With our voluntary involvement towards this issue, the line of work we embrace is to help raise the awareness on a global scale, provide educational projects aimed at any ages to prevent the issue from further outbreak and rescue victims from the harsh conditions of sexual, slavered, laboured and smuggling trafficking occurring worldwide.

By underlining these three key achievements of prevention, rescue and restoration we strongly endeavour to branch out further and help spread our project faster to all communities. In saying this, on behalf of The Freedom Project we have selected yourself and your campaign towards human trafficking as we have reason to believe you can be our best chance at spreading this issue. Through your power and authority, we can not only benefit from your contact to all nations, but you can also gain benefit from our campaign by hopefully putting an end on this epidemic issue and being honoured as one of the main contributors of combating human trafficking.

Human trafficking & slavery being the world’s number leading crime, is probably the biggest injustice issue in today's world. As it affects over 45 million people globally in over 167 countries including your own country, it is essentially recognised as a global system of inequality and hidden truths of which no one is blameless. To essentially put this in retrospect, starting back to 10 years ago in 2009 there were just 23 countries worldwide that were considered and recognised to be trafficking hot spots for main source input and transit. Since then more countries have started to get involved and the numbers started soaring up to 123 countries for source and destination points.

 Now we know just by reading statistics that it can’t change ones opinion, but in trusting our campaign I can truthfully say that we have seen, experienced and been apart of what these victims go through on a daily basis. But we can genuinely express that reading the stats can be easy.

However, with both our empowering campaigns combined, we have a specific role and responsibility that can bring this issue out of darkness and into the light. To bring freedom, hope and a brighter future to victims and vulnerable communities.

Consequently, the real question will be kept quite simple, will you join us in this fight for what's right in the fight for freedom? And bring power of the right of acting, speaking and thinking for the ones kept in a state of imprisonment and enslaved. The choice is entirely up to your corporation and to let yourself have this time to think about helping our cause.


Aaron Feenan

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How this will help

Through collaborative partnerships, critical research and direct engagement with innovative programs towards action, the Institute and the project foundations will develop and deploy strategies to...

Through collaborative partnerships, critical research and direct engagement with innovative programs towards action, the Institute and the project foundations will develop and deploy strategies to combat all forms of human trafficking at a local, state, national and international level due to their impact on lecturing the issue. 

To address the significant vulnerability of children and youth in transition to exploitation and human trafficking, the McCain Institute can change intently by joining forces with The Freedom Project in order to develop a professional development on a human trafficking program for runaway and homeless youth providers. In saying this, the effect on both campaigns course of actions on the issue can start providing available practice training which will help service providers build their capacity to recognise the signs of exploitation, know how to report trafficking, and provide services to youth victims of human trafficking on an entirely different scale.

From the gifting assistance of your institutional McCain campaign and The Freedom Project combined initially we will be able to provide the victims a safe environment where children, woman and men from all sadistic trafficking can all recover and share happier times. In having an effective plan in place, traffickers will slowly start to decline and lose businesses leaving them with no choice to quit before the harsh criminal records, jail time and wanted lists are set in place for them. Through eliminating the trafficking superpowers, we can make a substantial difference on how the nations foresee this issue by resolving the arduous conflict depicted throughout the world. Consequently, at the end of day all our project asks from your assistance, course of action and alliance is to make a great change by underlining our line of work with your final call to action.

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