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Dear Sir Frederick Barclay

I am writing this to you to ask to stop stocking all caged eggs in your stores. If you were to help with this campaign this would help better the lives of millions of chickens nationwide.

When chicken are born in captivity most of them are trampled on and killed by the hundreds of other chickens. The chickens that survive past this are often left mutilated, unable to walk or even stand these chickens live in tiny cages similar to the size of an iPad they are forced to live in these cages with two or three other chickens.

All of the battery chickens get part of their beaks burnt off to stop them from pecking them self’s or other chickens. Most of these battery chickens have never seen daylight or ever been able to spread their wings. These chickens are only expected to live for 1 to 1.5 years whereas chickens that live in natural conditions can live up to 8 or 9 years.

The chickens in captivity are given hormones to make them grow at an unnatural rate this allows the farmers to increase their produce, these hormones can lead to breast cancer in humans and many other health problems. In the US 70% of antibiotics given to animals are used for non-therapeutic uses. These animals are given these antibiotics to reduce the risk of the animals getting sick.


Porter Jackson

How this will help

By not stocking the caged eggs it will force farmers  to change the ways of farming in doing this the lives of millions of chicken will be improved greatly.

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