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Donald Trump

This week, you threatened to close all border crossings with Mexico unless they bow to your ridiculous demands to stop all migrants from attempting to cross into the United States. We all know this is an impossible demand. You yourself have tried to accomplish such a feat and have failed spectacularly. We see this for what it really is: a desperate and xenophobic attempt to appeal to your base before a tough election. Regardless, we are not going to allow you to jeopardize our relationship with one of our closest allies and next-door neighbors over a political stunt. Moreover, thousands of families and businesses operate across the border. Such a move would devastate the economy, families, and all trust between our countries.

We are raising our voices to demand you cease these incredible and hateful demands. Our border with Mexico will remain open and we will welcome the wonderful people of our neighboring country in with open arms.


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Donald Trump threatened to close all border crossings with Mexico, a move that would devastate families, businesses, and international relationships. Say NO to his bigoted threats.


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