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The Department of Education

We are ashamed and embarrassed by the latest actions of Betsy Devos, the Secretary of Education. Despite the tremendous uplift the Special Olympics provide to people with special needs, Betsy Devos decided to completely cut their funding and leave the program in limbo. While Donald Trump ultimately overrode the decision, we are baffled at the decision making process of Devos and find it irresponsible at best and hateful at worst. We are not sure why this administration has made a point of picking on the most vulnerable populations, but we are demanding that it stop immediately.

We are asking for Betsy Devos's resignation. She has harmed enough people and made enough bad decisions to warrant her resignation. We have had enough.


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Betsy Devos cut all funding for the Special Olympics in an attempt to target and attack people with disabilities and/or special needs. Demand her resignation now.

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