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Higher Education Institutions in the United States

A new college admissions scandal has revealed the corrupt ways in which wealthy people can buy their way into elite universities. The scandal revealed a massive scheme to get unqualified students admitted into colleges through bribing collegiate coaches and SAT proctors.

The scandal has ensnared dozens of parents and school officials, but it highlights a larger problem: the wealthy have unequal access to America's higher education institutions. Whether admissions are effected by legacy status or large donations, they are in no way fair, transparent, or equal.

We are asking that you reform your admissions process and make them more transparent. We believe that every student should have an equal chance to get admitted to college, regardless of their family wealth. We are asking that you stop considering family donations and legacy status as factors in admissions.


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A recent college admissions scandal highlights how broken and unfair the college admissions process can be. Demand that higher education institutions reform their admissions process now.

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