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The World Wildlife Fund

We are shocked and horrified by reports that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has sponsored human rights abuses, including torture, murder, and imprisonment without due process, in the name of conservation. While we all agree that the goals of conservation are incredibly important, by no means should they ever impinge upon basic human rights or invite torture or extra-judicial terror campaigns to support its otherwise laudable goals.

Reports and documents indicate that the WWF has knowingly sponsored and funded a number of paramilitary groups that have made common practice of waterboarding, violent interrogations, and other torture techniques to root out poachers. Worse, when allegations of abuse have been raised against the WWF's paramilitary partners, the organization has consistently lobbied to bury the allegations rather than investigating them and holding partners accountable.

The world needs an organization that can help save endangered species. But nothing is worth the price of torture and extra-judicial murder. We must demand better from the WWF.


Protect Endangered Species

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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been found to support paramilitary groups that practice torture and extra-judicial murder in the name of conservation. Demand better from the WWF now.


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