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The National Rifle Association

We are outraged at the violence implied in your latest issue of your magazine. You ran an article, whose lead picture featured the words, "target practice," next to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Representative Gabby Giffords' faces. The picture implies that NRA members should consider Pelosi and Giffords as "target practice" because of their stances on gun control. Worse, the article came just a week after a right-wing extremist was arrested for plotting to shoot and kill left-wing politicians because of their stances on a number of issues, including guns. The article was not only insensitive, but absolutely dangerous and is contributing to violent polarization at a turbulent time.

We unequivocally condemn the Target Practice article and demand your immediate apology. We all must elevate our rhetoric if we hope to work together peacefully.


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The NRA ran a troubling article in their magazine with the words "Target Practice" next to Nancy Pelosi's and Gabby Giffords's pictures. Speak out against the NRA's violent and dangerous rhetoric.

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