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Governor of North Carolina

Due to a strange New Years' Eve tradition of "Possum Drops", North Carolina passed legislation that removes all protections for possums between Dec 29th and Jan 2nd every year. As a result, North Carolinians are allowed to hunt, kill, and torture possums for five days every year without repercussions. Allowing exceptions to animal cruelty and hunting laws creates dangerous precedent and can cause unnecessary harm to animals and their ecosystems. We should not allow free-for-all cruelty aimed at possums, regardless of the traditions it may be associated with. We urge you to close this bizarre and cruel loophole immediately, before more possums are endangered.


Stop Animal Cruelty

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A bizarre loophole in North Carolina law allows people to harm possums for five days a year without any legal repercussions. Demand North Carolina protect possums and close this cruel loophole.


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