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Lead bullets, used to hunt animals and often left scattered around the wild, have been poisoning and killing scavenging animals at alarming rates. The scavengers, who eat the remains of dead animals, are unknowingly ingesting the lead bullets and developing severe cases of lead poisoning.

Lead has been known to poison and harm living creatures for close to a century, but yet Congress hasn't taken action to ensure that lead doesn't harm and poison wild animals. Now, several endangered species are being threatened with extinction as a result of ingesting high amounts of lead. In particular, the American Bald Eagle faces severe threats of extinction if we don't curb lead bullet use quickly.

Banning the use of lead in bullets is a simple and common sense solution. Please take action quickly, or we could lose several majestic species, including our national symbol, the American Bald Eagle.


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The American Bald Eagle faces extinction due to lead poisoning from bullets hunters leave in the wild. Demand Congress ban the use of lead in bullets now.


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