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This week, after making fun of her Native American ancestry, you told Elizabeth Warren you would "see her on the TRAIL," clearly referencing the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears is a horrific genocidal event perpetrated against Native Americans by the United States Government, in which the US forcibly relocated thousands of Native Americans to steal their property. In the process, thousands of Native Americans died during a terrible and brutal march of many hundreds of miles. The United States government has never properly apologized and reconciled from the horrors of the Trail of Tears. For you to trivialize the event and use it as part of a racialized attack is to further insult the legacy of the Trail of Tears and the importance of remembering the horrors of the atrocity.

We are tired of your outrageous and offensive comments. You are an insult and a disgrace to the office of the presidency. We would ask you to apologize for your comments, but we know you have no shame or humility. Nonetheless, we feel it is important not to give in to a sense of normalcy and to raise our voices against bigotry and hatred. We will not let you erase the suffering of Native Americans and make light of the atrocities levied against them by the government that you lead.

We condemn you in the strongest possible language.


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Donald Trump has made light of genocide committed against Native Americans by joking about the Trail of Tears. Don't let this become normal, raise your voice to condemn his racist language.


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