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Over a third of insect populations are now endangered and over 40% of insect species are declining in populations. Troublingly, the global population of insects has declined by over 2.5% in the past year. We must act quickly before it's too late. Not only do global ecosystems depend on insects as pollinators and participants, but human life as we know it depends on such insects as well.

According to new studies, the major causes of the "insect apocalypse" are habitat loss because of intensive agriculture, heavy use of pesticides, climate change, and invasive species. We are asking Congress to put together a bill or package of bills to address this quickly developing crisis. We must save the insects before it's too late.


Protect Endangered Species

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Insects are going extinct at alarming rates, threatening global ecosystems and human life itself. Ask Congress to address the crisis by regulating agriculture practices and pesticide use. 

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