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The United States is the only major industrialized country that doesn't offer paid leave for new mothers. The lack of a paid family leave policy means many mothers without sufficient income are forced to return to work within days of giving birth. Meanwhile, many new fathers aren't able to spend time with their newborns, contributing to an unequal distribution of childcare.

On Tuesday, The Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act was introduced in the House to establish a national family leave program. The bill would establish a minor tax paid by employers that would fund a program to provide paid family leave for up to 12 weeks at 66% of an employee's average wages. The bill would also allow for employees to take paid family leave when a close family member is severely ill.

This bill is crucial to supporting new mothers and fathers and the primary caretakers of sick relatives. While virtually all other major nations have laws that support employees' efforts to start and care for their families, America lags behind. We are asking you to support these modest measures to improve America's policies toward new parents and primary caretakers.


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America is the only major nation without paid family leave for new parents. Support a new bill that would provide paid family leave for new parents and for caretakers tending to a severely ill family member.

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