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Factory farming is cruel, dangerous, and resource-intensive. Animals live in vile conditions and are often confined to incredibly small and crowded places and subjected to unspeakable cruelties.

To keep animals alive in such conditions, factory farmers pump them full of antiobiotics. Because humans eventually ingest these antibiotics, factory farming is making humans more resistant to medicine and helping to create super-viruses which could be resistant to all current forms of antibiotics.

In addition, factory farming produces around 18% of all human-created greenhouse gas emissions and is one of the major factors in global warming. Factory farming is quite literally killing us and is making it difficult to build a sustainable future.

Plant-based meats are an important alternative to the farming of meat and can help save millions of animals and humans from the disastrous effects of animal agriculture. But despite its promising features, Congress has not funded the research of plant-based meats.

We are asking you to immediately invest in researching plant-based meat alternatives in an effort to cut America's greenhouse gas emissions, protect animals from cruel conditions, and make America healthier and more resilient.


Stop Animal Cruelty

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Factory farms keep animals in cruel and unspeakable conditions. Plant-based meat alternatives can help end factory farming as we know it. Demand Congress invest in researching plant-based meat alternatives now.


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