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Donald Trump is requesting over $5 Billion in funding to build a border wall along America's southern border with Mexico. While the idea is flawed for a number of reasons, we are writing to make clear the impact such a wall would have on the environment and on the lives of local animals. In particular, the border wall would threaten a number of endangered species, including the Texas Hornshell, the Ocelot, the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow, the Gulf Coast Jaguarundi, and the Mexican Long-Nosed Bat, to name just a few. Border walls dissect crucial wilderness regions and separate animals from their natural habitats.

The animals living in the Rio Grande region will never recover from an intrusive wall that interrupts their ecosystems. We must give a voice to the animals and species that will perish as a result of Trump's cruel and reckless border wall. We urge you to say NO to Trump's border wall, in all forms.


Protect Endangered Species

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Donald Trump's proposed border wall would decimate the Rio Grande ecosystem and severely threaten a number of endangered species. Say NO to Trump's dangerous and reckless border wall.


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