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Donald Trump nominated William Barr to the office of Attorney General, largely because of his perceived loyalty to the President and because of his extremely critical comments about Robert Mueller's probe. While Barr told the Senate today that he would protect Mueller's justice probe, there is no reason to believe he is telling the truth. Barr has consistently criticized Mueller and advocated for "political control" of the Department of Justice to get control of Mueller's investigation.

In addition, Republicans have been arguing that we ought to confirm Barr's nomination to replace the singularly unqualified and potentially unconstitutional appointment of current Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker. Democrats should not fall for this argument. President Trump acted unconstitutionally by appointing someone to serve as the Attorney General that had never been confirmed by the Senate. Democrats should not reward his behavior by confirming his next pick to run the department. Instead, they should pursue legal action against Trump and prevent a new nominee from being confirmed until justice is served.

The position of Attorney General is too important for Democrats to back away from a righteous fight. Democrats must protect the rule-of-law and the Mueller probe. The only way to effectively do so is to filibuster the William Barr nomination.


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William Barr, the nominee for Attorney General, has consistently criticized the Mueller investigation. Democrats should filibuster Barr's nomination to protect Mueller's investigation into Russian collusion.

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