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Today House Democrats introduced a bill for universal background checks. Universal background checks are supported by over 90% of Americans, yet Congress has repeatedly refused to act. In the mean time, over 100 Americans are killed with guns every day, while hundreds more are shot and injured. The United States' has the highest gun homicide rate of all industrial nations, with a gun homicide rate that is over 25 times higher than other countries. The United States' unique gun problem has largely created by guns' ready availability and easy acquisition. We need to take action to start curbing gun violence and end this American carnage.

Universal background checks would help move us one step closer to getting America's gun violence problem under control. Background checks help prevent people with mental illnesses or histories of violence from obtaining guns. While America has some requirements for background checks now, glaring loopholes make them largely ineffective. We need stronger background check laws to ensure that dangerous people don't end up with guns in their hands.

We need to get gun violence under control now. Universal background checks are a great first step. Please support this important and necessary bill.


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America has the worst gun violence rate of any industrialized country. Demand congress support Universal Background Checks as an important first step to curbing gun violence.


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