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Mitch McConnell

Donald Trump shut down the government over his ridiculous demand for funding for a border wall that nobody wants. But while Donald Trump is responsible for starting the shutdown, Mitch McConnell is responsible for its irresponsible continuation.

The House and the Senate have both passed bills that would have funded the government, but Donald Trump indicated he would veto bill, choosing to shut down the government. The House and the Senate could override Trump's threatened veto and vote to fund and reopen the government, but Mitch McConnell won't allow a vote to go to the floor to allow the Senate to consider such a measure. McConnell is blocking this vote because he is trying to protect the President at the cost of the country and the 800,000 government workers who haven't received a paycheck.

We need to put an end to Trump's petulant madness. Mitch McConnell, we demand that you allow a vote on the Senate floor to override the president's veto and reopen the government.


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Mitch McConnell is preventing a vote on legislation that could reopen the government. Demand McConnell allows a vote to end the disastrous government shutdown.


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