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Sheriff Todd Entriken

We are deeply ashamed and outraged at your embezzlement of over $1.5 Million meant to feed undocumented immigrants. Undocumented immigrants detained in Alabama are subject to the some of the worst conditions in the country, including having limited access to food. Not only is food scarce in the detention centers, but it is also often spoiled and inedible. The funds that you have stolen from the undocumented immigrants could have helped them eat nutritious and unspoiled food, but instead you chose to enrich yourself at the cost of other humans. It is hard to imagine actions more selfish, hateful, and despicable than yours.

While Alabama law bizarrely allows sheriffs to keep ICE funds in personal accounts, this law is obviously immoral and invites corruption. And while the legality of pocketing $1.5 Million in ICE funds is being litigated in courts, stealing money meant for vulnerable immigrants, so you can purchase beach houses and cars, is deeply immoral and absolutely indefensible. As an officer of the law, you should be trying to protect vulnerable people, not profiting off of them.

We condemn your behavior in the strongest terms possible. We demand that you immediately return the $1.5 Million in stolen ICE funds to the county for the immediate use of improving the conditions of the undocumented immigrants detained in your county.


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An Alabama sheriff stole over $1.5M in funds meant to feed undocumented immigrants. Condemn his behavior and demand he return the funds immediately.


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