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Luo Qiang, Mayor of Chengdu, China

Mr. Qiang,

It has been brought to our attention that a fair in your city has been chaining live horses to a merry-go-round attraction. This action is cruel and tortuous to the horses who are forced into what is normally a mechanical attraction. These horses are overworked, forced to walk in small circles, are chained to a metal turnstile, and are given few and infrequent breaks. There is simply no reason for the City of Chengdu to allow such cruelty.

We are asking that you use your authority as Mayor to speak out against this cruel practice of attaching live horses to merry-go-rounds. We cannot continue to let this practice exist.


Stop Animal Cruelty

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Ask the Mayor of Chengdu, China to stop a local attraction's cruel chaining of live horses to a merry-go-round ride. 


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