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Donald Trump is attempting to bully Democrats into supporting his cruel, inhumane, and ineffective border wall. Despite having majorities in the Senate and the House and over two years of unified government control, Trump is now insisting that Democrats provide him with the votes he can't garner from his Republican colleagues. And if Democrats don't comply, he is threatening to shut down the government, a move that will cost the government millions of dollars and will leave tens of thousands of government workers mired in uncertainty during the holiday season. Once again, it bears repeating that Trump is threatening Democrats to comply with his absurd requests because he doesn't have the votes among his Republican colleagues.

Border walls are cruel and ineffective. Numerous studies demonstrate that border walls are not effective in controlling immigration and often create negative externalities by giving more power to smugglers, incentivizing people to overstay their visas, and often being detrimental to local wildlife. More, the border wall will be incredibly expensive and will siphon money away from important social programs that could help address inequality and create jobs in the United States.

In short, Trump's border request is inhumane and ineffective. But more than requesting a policy, he is threatening to hold thousands of government jobs hostage because he can't count on votes from his own party for a policy that he proposed. Thank Congressional Democrats for refusing to give in to these ridiculous demands and urge them to stay strong as he continues to put pressure on them.


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Donald Trump is attempting to bully Democrats into supporting a border wall by threatening to shut down the government. Tell Democrats to stand firm against funding a border wall.


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