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Wisconsin Republican Party

We are deeply ashamed and outraged at your attempts to nullify the 2018 midterm election by stripping incoming Democrats of powers long associated with their offices. Your attempts to excuse your behavior are flimsy - we know that you are making these changes to prevent newly elected Democrats from enacting the changes on which they campaigned.

In particular, we are outraged that you have attempted to block Governor-Elect Evers' ability to change state welfare policy, withdraw from a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, and that you are limiting early voting in an attempt to help future Republican candidates. This last measure is particularly offensive. You are so afraid of losing in future elections that you are committed to making it more difficult to vote, rather than attempting to improve your electoral message or turn out more voters.

These are gross attacks on Democracy and are unbefitting of people who are supposed to represent an entire state rather than a specific group of people. We condemn, in the strongest possible language, your anti-democratic attacks on the state of Wisconsin.


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The Wisconsin GOP is attempting to nullify the 2018 midterm by stripping newly elected Democrats of power. We must let them know that they are being watched and they will be held accountable.

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